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Locals remember bravehearts of state


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NONGSTOIN, April 4: Hundreds of locals including the members of Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) and the supporters, on Monday, recalled the sacrifices of the many bravehearts of Meghalaya as they participated in a public meeting on the occasion of Khasi National Awakening Day at Nongkhlaw village in Mairang, Eastern West Khasi Hills, beside Tirot Sing Cave (Krem Tirot), the place where Tirot Sing has fought against the British during the British Invasion.
The programme, organised by the KSU Central Body, aimed to awaken and instill the spirit of freedom fighters in the hearts of the indigenous youths of the region.
April 4 is observed as the Khasi National Awakening Day across the Khasi-Jaintia Hills region in memory of the great Khasi freedom fighter U Tirot Sing Syiem, Syiem of Nongkhlaw Syiemship, who waged a war against British, and others such as Kiang Nongbah, Wickliff Syiem and Ka Phan Nonglait.
Addressing the massive gathering, president of the KSU central body Lambokstar Marngar reminded the people, especially youths, of the might of Tirot Sing Syiem, and urged upon them to imbibe the spirit of self-sacrifice.
Talking about the demand for ILP, he said that the matter remained a stalemate after a resolution was passed in the Assembly. “So shall we still wait on the government to act or think about another option,” he told the crowd.
Claiming that allegations have surfaced against the KSU that it is an organisation which stands against the government, Marngar said “we will continue to stand against the state or central government if they go against the will and right of the people”.
The Union’s general secretary, Donald V Thabah, on the other hand, inspired the youths to follow in the footstep of U Tirot Sing.


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