BJP flags ‘gross violation’ of Supreme Court order

Boulder export to Bangladesh: Party threatens to drag all involved to court

TURA, May 16: The BJP in Garo Hills has alleged gross violation of a Supreme Court order in connection with the export of boulders to neighbouring Bangladesh via Dalu, while issuing a threat on Monday to drag all officials involved in the alleged scam to court.
According to Tura MDC Bernard N Marak, the anomalies were unearthed during an inquiry following a meeting of party leaders in Dalu.
“Overloaded trucks carry more than 30 MT (metric tonne) violating the Court order and mercilessly ravage the public roads in Dalu. Trucks without registration numbers, without proper documentation are seen lined up on Dalu road every morning and everyone is silent about it because all are paid for this illegal transportation. Although these trucks carry more than 30 MT, the weighbridges are showing only 21 MT. The customs are allowing illegal export by citing less quantity while they are paid for the excess which are allowed to be exported unrecorded,” the Tura MDC alleged.
Bernard further alleged that the trucks are allowed to carry beyond the permissible load violating the SC order as everyone is given profit for the illegal transportation.
“BJP wants this illegal transportation to stop immediately as it amounts to complete lawlessness and violation of the court order. BJP will drag the officials involved in encouraging violation of the court order,” Marak warned.
According to the Tura MDC, illegal collection is going on from quarry to export point in the form of: Nokma fees Rs 200, Monopoly Rs 300, State Forest Rs 300, GDC Rs 200, MLP Rs 500, State Forest Rs 200, GDC Rs 200, NGO Rs 200, State Forest Rs 500, MLP Rs 300, NGO Rs 400, GDC Rs 200, MLP Rs 1,200, GDC Rs 200, NGO Rs 200, NGO Rs 200, Monopoly Rs 200, Monopoly Rs 200, MLP Rs 200, State Forest Rs 200, GDC Rs 200, NGO Rs 200, GDC Rs 200, and MLP Rs 200.
The Tura MDC went on to further alleged that illegal payment continues after reaching Dalu which includes Rs 1,700 at the weighbridge, Rs 1,000 at customs, Rs 150 to Forest, Rs 50 for Sanitization, Rs 500 for an association and Rs 500 for MVI, besides others.

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