Impostor poses as Justice Banerjee

SHILLONG, June 22: Another case of fraud using high-profile names in Meghalaya has come to light and this time it is the Chief Justice of Meghalaya, Sanjib Banerjee.
This was discerned after a High Court lawyer received a call from a number, which, according to Truecaller, belonged to Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee.
This lawyer, who requested anonymity, said he was in the hospital and had asked his juniors to seek adjournment on grounds of health complications.
That very evening, he received a call from a number 7725014159. On answering the phone call, the impostor called him by his name and asked him how he was.
But very soon the line got disconnected.
This lawyer elucidated how the voice seemed convincing to him, to the extent that he even addressed the caller as “lordship”.
Soon after the call, the lawyer received a message on WhatsApp from the same number asking him if he was fine.
It was quickly followed with another text message that read: “There is something I need you to please do for me urgently as I am currently attending a very crucial meeting with limited phone calls.”
Sensing that something was amiss, the lawyer reluctantly replied stating he did not understand the message.
Then another message popped up: “Are you familiar with the Amazon Pay gift card?”
This time, the lawyer blocked the contact and attempted to confirm that it was not the Chief Justice.
Subsequently, an FIR was filed in this matter.
It must be noted that the WhatsApp account even had the picture of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee on the profile.
Similar cases were reported earlier involving Assembly Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh and others wherein fraud bids were attempted in the same fashion.
The message would read: “Are you familiar with the Amazon pay gift card? You can possibly get them from the website as there are some listed prospects I am gifting them today. I can’t get it done myself due to meetings and I don’t have any of my cards with me. How quickly can you arrange these gifts cards because I need to send them out in less than an hour. I would provide you with the type of gift cards and the amount of each. I will reimburse you before the end of the day (sic).”

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