Oppn gives notice on GST rate hike, Agnipath in Parliament

New Delhi, July 19: The Opposition has given notice in both the House of Parliament on the GST rate hike and the Agnipath scheme.

Congress MP Manickam Tagore gave the adjournment notice in the Lok Sabha. “To discuss the imposing levy of 5 per cent GST on essential commodities which would affect every common citizen, especially the poor and to direct the Government to withdraw the decision of levying GST from essential commodities,” it said.Further, it said that levy of 5 per cent GST on pre-packed and pre-labelled foodgrains, curd, butter, milk, etc., has raised the serious concern among the common public on the attitude of the government.

“Extending the pain to the kitchen of a hut would create non-confidence among the poor against the government if it continues imposing levy vehemently since they are already under severe financial stress,” Tagore said in the notice.

“It would also lead to multiple effects in the foodgrain trade of the country forcing the people to live with extra financial burden. Further, the Central Government through such an attitude has again failed in protecting the interests of small manufacturers and traders who are dealing in foodgrains and other items.

“Therefore, it is pertinent that this august House should come forward to discuss the attitude of the Government imposing levy of GST without any consideration and should direct the Government to withdraw the decision immediately,” the notice said.

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP Manoj Jha has given Suspension of Business under Rule-267 in the Rajya Sabha to discuss the “disastrous implications” of the Agnipath Scheme as well as the denial of aspirants (in different categories) in waiting lists by RRBS.

“It is in this context that I reiterate my request to you to invoke Rule-267 so that the House can have a discussion and sympathetic collective opinion on the matters shared above.”

Congress’ Deepender S. Hooda also gave a notice under rule 267 in the Rajya Sabha on the Agnipath scheme.


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