NGOs, residents meet over slow progress on GH road

RONGJENG, Sep 21: Angered at the extremely slow progress of the Adokgre-Mangsang road, various NGOs of the area along with residents held a public meeting to seek answers from the state government and the Public Works Department (PWD). The meeting was held on Wednesday afternoon at the village of Mangsang, along the same route.
The almost 43-km road had an initial sanction of close to Rs 210 crore and was sanctioned in 2017 by the then Congress-led government. The construction of the road also began the same year. However, after the initial construction, work was completely abandoned following a change in sanction during the tenure of the current NPP-led government.
The project is currently pegged at Rs 123 crore and will only complete 24 of the 43-km route, something that has precipitated resentment among locals.
Currently, work on the road has been completely stopped and is likely to begin sometime this year, as promised by PWD officials of the district of East Garo Hills under which it falls.
The meeting today was led by the Joint Action Committee (JAC) along with the GSU and FKJGP units of the area.
“We have called a public meeting today with regard to the Rongjeng to Mangsang via A’dokgre road sanctioned in 2017 which has been abandoned. We want to know whether it has been abandoned and if not why is it being delayed. The meeting was called to decide future steps to be taken on the issue,” informed Rongjeng GSU president Rattu Sangma, who was also a part of the meeting.
“The initial sanction of the project was Rs 210 crore and then brought down to Rs 123 crore in the first phase. We have to find out why the initial project amount was cut. Travelling on the road has become fraught with danger as there are potholes now that resemble swimming pools. Thousands of villagers and tens of villages have been affected by the neglect. We need answers,” added the NGOs.
Many bridges along the route are also in shambles with craters in them making travel through the road a nightmare, as per locals.
“The nightmarish road is also an impediment in improving the economic situation of the area. People are unwilling to go through the road to buy local products due to the tiring travel involved. We feel for all those affected by the delay in completing the route and hope the government understands what we face every day,” added the NGOs.
The NGOs have decided to seek answers from the government and the department, failing which they will look at ways to make their point known.

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