BJP sets up social media team to check ‘false propaganda’

SHILLONG, Oct 28: With Assembly elections at hand, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has constituted a social media team to keep in check on the “false propaganda” that is allegedly disseminated by the opposition parties.
“BJP gears itself to fight fiercely in the upcoming elections with its social media team leading from the front to counter anti-development agenda which many opposition parties may use against the BJP. The party with the sole objective of development has gone on to form a social media team to counter rumours and negative propaganda spread against the party,” state BJP president Ernest Mawrie said in a statement.
The social media team comprises 12 members, 12 district convenors and 55 constituency monitoring teams.
Maintaining that the BJP is fighting the upcoming polls with its core focus on development and social issues that are affecting the youths and community, Mawrie said, “Playing the religion card is done by parties whose motive is to try and win for self-gain only wherein pro-state and people’s issues are completely sidelined. The motivating factor about the social media team is that it is not a hired team but a voluntary service offered by party karyakartas.”
The state BJP president also said that some “political opportunists” recently shared a morphed image from 2018, trying to spread hatred against a particular religion and its followers.
“The party will ensure that this time and hereafter any false propaganda against the party will invite legal consequences. Anyone found circulating wrong information will be monitored and dealt as per the law,” he warned.
The state BJP, through its social media team, will also highlight “correct information” about various central schemes.
“This will show the real ground work being done by the BJP in the Centre while also providing food for thought about bringing the BJP to power in the state,” Mawrie said.

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