‘Anomaly’ in MLA schemes; Kharkutta legislator clarifies

RESUBELPARA, Nov 13: A resident of the constituency of Kharkutta has alleged that many parts of the MLA schemes that were to be distributed throughout the constituency have not been completed though the same is allegedly complete on paper.
The allegations come after RTIs were taken on the distribution of MLA schemes of Rupert Momin through his constituency, Kharkutta, with many such projects going missing on the ground.
“After receiving the RTI, we verified the information on distribution of schemes and found that 2 garbage vans and 2 water tankers that were purchased for Rs 20 lakh have not been provided by the MLA. This is just a few of the schemes under SRWP that we were able to verify from the entire lot. I am sure we will find many more,” alleged one Pranton Marak.
The above project has been shown to have been distributed in 2017-18, the first year of the present MDA Government.
The resident mentioned other schemes which have not been taken up though the progress report states that it is 100% completed. “There is the construction of earthwork for a playground in the village of Rangga for Rs 1.5 lakh that has not been done. Further, earthwork for jeepable roads in the villages of Chimadare, Chichra, Wapil A and Agropathar (each worth Rs 1.5 lakh) has not been taken up though it has been shown as complete,” added Marak.
Another project, the construction of a waiting shed in the village of Megam Akong was also not taken up. That project too came at a price of Rs 1.5 lakh. Further purchase and installation of solar lighting in the villages of Kharkutta and Adokgre at Rs 5 lakh is also allegedly missing.
Meanwhile, another resident of Adokgre alleged that a market shed, that would have cost Rs 5 lakh, was not even worked on though it has been completed on official records.
“Not even a single brick or even one cement bag has been used. There is no market shed at all in Rongbang provided through the MLA scheme, despite it being shown on the completed project list,” added Teseng Momin from the village of Adokgre.
Rubbishing the allegations, local MLA Rupert Momin stated that they had to change the project from that of garbage dumper and water tankers to another heavy vehicle that was necessary for the people of the constituency.
“None of our projects are false and I am working to ensure public convenience. All schemes are being worked on, sometimes even adding money from our own pockets,” said Momin.
Further, on the issue of solar lights, he said that they were waiting for the road expansion and once that is completed, the lights would be installed.
He added that there was still time to complete the projects and he would ensure these are completed before their term is completed.

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