#RIPTwitter trends

The hashtag “RIPTwitter” is trending and lots of the site’s users are scrambling to download their data.
They’re also sharing alternative places to find them (consumer champion Martin Lewis, who has two million Twitter followers, has set himself up on Mastodon, although he admits he doesn’t know how to use it yet).
The hashtag #RIPTwitter, #GoodbyeTwitter, #TwitterDown trended as worried social media users posted about the platform’s fate as the company faces extreme turbulence. Following this, Musk responded with a meme featuring a tombstone with Twitter’s bird logo morphed on it.
“I’m not pressing the (yes) button. My watch ends with Twitter 1.0. I do not wish to be part of Twitter 2.0,” a user posted.
Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk, never one to ignore a trend, tweeted a meme of a gravestone with the Twitter logo on it.
Staff have been leaving in their droves – half the workforce was laid off by Mr Musk one week after he completed his purchase of the platform, and many more are choosing to leave since he sent an email demanding “hardcore” working conditions and long hours from his remaining employees.
Quite a few of those departing, according to their Twitter bios, are engineers, developers and coders – the people who work on the guts of what makes Twitter function.
Twitter had around 3,000 employees left after the massive layoffs when Musk sacked about half of its workforce after taking over the company.

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