Mukul slams govt over unfilled posts

TURA, Nov 22: Leader of the Opposition Mukul Sangma has once again come down heavily on Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA), this time over the latter’s alleged reluctance in filling up vacant posts.
During an interview taken a few days ago in the village of Rondupara under Phulbari in West Garo Hills (WGH), Mukul felt that the current situation beggars belief, while raising many questions on the priorities of the government.
Replying to a question on why job vacancies in various departments were not being filled up, Mukul said, “The answer is best left to them but let me give you my analysis on the situation. During the Budget Session every year, various proposals are brought into the August House. Expenditure in the Budget contains two components — revenue and capital expenditure.”
Revenue expenditure is meant to clear salaries, pensions and other overheads for all departments under the government. “If a budget is being passed, it means that money is there to clear all the overheads of every department, including the posts that are lying vacant. Sanctioned posts are the only thing taken into consideration when the budget is made,” he explained.
“Basically, you have the mandate from the Assembly and you are projecting all your resources for expenditure and this has been passed. It is really inexplicable why the government has not ensured that these posts are filled up when the Budget has already given them the money to do so,” he added, questioning as to where the money that is budgeted every year has gone.
“They cannot explain the non-fulfillment of such posts due to the lack of money as it has already been budgeted and passed. The money is already there. So, where is this money going and where are the resources being spent? These are serious questions and show that the present MDA government may have some other priorities than the interest of the state and its people,” alleged Mukul.
He cited the example of Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui, who had earlier admitted to manpower crisis in the Police department.
“It is a crucial department and thousands of posts are lying vacant. There had been interviews for the department and physical exams more than three years ago but where are the results and why are these not being filled up despite the government budgeting for these posts?,” asked Mukul.

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