Webinar tries to break myths associated with mobile towers

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Shillong, Nov 24: A webinar was organised to disseminate awareness on electromagnetic radiations from mobile towers in a bid to make consumers aware of the growing need for mobile towers to build reliable telecom infrastructure and breaking myths regarding the alleged ill-effects of electromagnetic field or EMF exposure from mobile towers.
The webinar was organised by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), North-East License Service Area (LSA) on Thursday as part of DoT’s public advocacy programme to create awareness on the aforementioned subject.
Eminent key speakers of the webinar were Ravi Goel, Sr. DDG, DoT, North-East LSA, AK Jain, DDG (Compliance), DoT, NE LSA, Shillong, PC Sharma, Director (Compliance), DoT, NE LSA, and Dr Tushar Kant Joshi, Advisor, Ministry of Health and Director, OEM Programme, Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health.
Around 200 participants including the general public, government officials, residents’ welfare associations, students, doctors, telecom service providers, infrastructure providers, and other officials were part of the webinar.
In his address, Ravi Goel, Sr. DDG, DoT, North-East LSA, Shillong, highlighted the need for telecom services in India and pressed on the challenges faced by the stakeholders of the industry. “In this era of fast advancing digital technology, mobile users have a right to enjoy the benefits of telecommunication services in a seamless manner. …it is important that the fear surrounding the theories about ill effects of EMF radiations from mobile towers is addressed factually to dispel such misconceptions,” he mentioned.
AK Jain, DDG (Compliance), DoT, NE LSA, on the other hand, pointed out that the Government of India has adopted one of the most stringent emission standards for mobile towers in the world. He continued, “We follow norms that are 10 times stricter than what has been prescribed by ICNIRP and recommended by WHO globally. DoT continuously monitors the EMF emission levels from towers across India and ensures compliance with the stipulated emission norms throughout the country.’’
At the webinar, it was also mentioned that unscrupulous companies or individuals cheat the general public by promising them hefty monthly rental payments for installation of mobile towers etc. Such fraudsters ask public to deposit money in their personal / companies account in the name of DoT/TRAI etc. After collecting the money these agencies vanish and become untraceable.
Such fraudsters are liable to be prosecuted under applicable laws. If any person comes across any such fraudulent activities, then they may report the incident to local police authorities, a statement issued here said.
Meanwhile, Dr Tushar Kant Joshi, Advisor, Ministry of Health and Director, OEM Programme, Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, shared his perspective, and said, “The EMF radiation is low non-ionizing RF/Electromagnetic energy emitted from mobile tower antennae and mobile handsets. Scientific research has found that low-powered, non-ionizing radiation emitted from cell towers has no ill effects on human health, whatsoever. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to address the spread of misinformation and provide an authentic view of health concerns related to mobile towers. It is also important to be informed that no scientific or medical evidence is available to corroborate the argument used against mobile towers.’’