NCP state chief slams nepotism in state politics

SHILLONG, Dec 5: NCP state president Saleng Sangma has slammed the growing culture of family politics in the state, and accused certain political families of treating the state as their personal property by bringing family members into politics.
“Nepotism is happening right before our eyes. Not only one family but several families are trying to bring in their relatives so that they can rule the state as their own…some of them think Meghalaya is their personal property,” Sangma said.
Asking people not to encourage such trends in the state, the NCP state chief warned that if such a culture is allowed to flourish, Meghalaya would be pushed back to the Dark Age and democracy will end while dictatorship will rule.
He said the anti-incumbency factor in the state was pushing MLAs from one party to join another to further their political interest.
He advised the people to support those who are willing to sacrifice everything for the people in order to improve the system of governance and bring about change in the state.

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