Are you suffering from viral fever and throat infection? Situation is same for many

Viral fever, flu, sore throat and other ailments related to the changing weather are being reported in different parts of the country. Netizens are tweeting about the health issues they are facing and asking for solutions.

Several people are suffering from viral, influenza, sore throat among other ailments that are dragging for days despite medication. People are taking longer to recover from common cold and fever.

These ailments are affecting not only adults but also children who are seen coughing and sneezing along with fever in schools. Some experts suggested that the schools become an ground for spread of such infection as children meet each other without wearing masks.

Many ENT specialists have said on their social media platforms that this is fort the first time that common cold, flu and sore throat that lasted for nearly 4-5 days is taking even a month. Government and private officers are flooded with sick leave from the employees.

Even the medicines including antibiotics that used to treat such ailments are not working against the viral.

A Twitter user and a doctor, Dr Mahipal Singh Rathore said, “In the last two months, I have had two bouts of viral cough and cold that lasted more than 2 weeks even after taking meds. 1st time in my life, I faced such long duration viral throat infection. Usually, it subsides in 5-7 days. Have you faced the same?”

Many Twitter users told him that they were facing similar problems that lasted for days.

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