Indian Diaspora in United Kingdom have more home ownership than Britons: Survey

Shillong, March 19: Indian Diaspora living in the United Kingdom (UK) have the highest levels of education and more home ownership than the Britons.

People of Indian ethnicity in the UK are among the highest proportions of working professionals among all other groups. This came to light during a census by the British government.

Home ownership in England and Wales is most common for people of Indian ethnicity, the 2021 census data of the UK has revealed. The study also found that Indians along with the Chinese community living in the country are highly educated.

The survey further stated that the home ownership of people with Indian ethnicity was 71 percent followed by British people at 68 percent. The survey also said that there were large disparities between ethnic groups in education, employment, health in different regions of the UK including England and Wales.

Eleven percent of white British are self-employed compared to 10 percent of Indians.

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