Khalistan supporters deface Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Canada

Shillong, March 24: Khalistan supporters defaced a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Ontario of Canada. This is one of the series of incidents taken place in the country during the recent past.

In the early hours of Thursday, vandalism of the statue took place close to Hamilton’s City Hall in the Canadian province of Ontario. The statue was installed in 2012.

A video of the damage shows the six-foot-tall bronze monument, which the Indian government had donated, being soaked in paint and having graffiti inscribed around its base, including insults to Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The statue’s walking stick has a flag of Khalistan flying on it.

Early in the morning, the damage was found, and city officials acted promptly to remove the graffiti and clean up the statue.

A Hindu temple in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) was vandalised with anti-India and pro-Khalistan graffiti spraypainted on its back wall in February.

The Gauri Shankar Mandir in Brampton was similarly vandalised on January 30. Before that, in July of last year, miscreants vandalised a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Richmond Hill’s Vishnu Temple. The Peace Plaza of the temple housed the 20-foot-tall bronze monument.

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