Bhuvan Bam to back new talents from small towns by giving them work, exposure


Mumbai, May 15 : YouTube sensation and actor Bhuvan Bam is planning to use his own production house as a medium to support new talent and hire people from smaller towns who might not get the exposure in the department of scripting, editing, lyrics, and in other technical departments.

Rohit Raj, the co-founder of BB Ki Vines, said: “We as a production house wants to do our bit by giving a chance to all the aspiring talents in writing and technical departments who lack information from where to start in the entertainment world.

“Like them we had our share of journey in the industry hence we understand the process and its struggles and want to become a medium for such budding talents by giving them fair opportunity in our production house.”

Bhuvan says: “I know what a life of a struggle is and what it’s like to be someone who is an outsider, with no contacts in the industry. Today, whatever I am, it’s because of all the love I got from people across the country.

“Now, in a way to say thank you, I am going to use my own production house as a medium to hire talented people from smaller towns who might not get the exposure that some of their other counterparts from big cities. It is a small idea which I hope will make a big impact on someone’s life.”

Bhuvan’s last release was ‘Taaza Khabar’, a fantasy thriller, which is out on Disney+ Hotstar and is considered as one of the most popular series of the year.

He also has a rom-com series, ‘Rafta Rafta’, released on Amazon miniTV.(IANS)