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ST news capsule

The Dorbar Shnong Qualapatty recently elected new office-bearers of the Executive Committee for the term 2023-26. They include Dester M Thangkhiew (Rangbah Shnong), Martamlin Pyrbot (adviser), Wandache Pyrbot (asistant Rangbah Shnong), Joseph R Warjri (general secretary), Shane S Pakyntein (joint secretary), Mewan P Pariat (treasurer) and block secretaries of the four blocks, besides 14 executive members.

Meghalaya Manipuri Welfare Society, in a meeting held on Sunday, resolved to reach out to the students from Meghalaya who had been recently sent back home from Manipur as a result of the communal turmoil in the Northeastern state. It has also aired concern over their plight.

The A’chik Organisation for Social Welfare (AOSW) on Monday has sought for the relocation of bike workshops, currently operating at Williamnagar market. The organisation in its complaint to the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) had pointed out that the workshops are not only an eyesore but also causing inconvenience to people who come to shop regularly at the market.