Meta fires 6000 more employees globally

Shillong, May 25: It is no secret that the current state of the tech job market is unstable as a result of the widespread layoffs reported by both top and mid-sized organisations.

According to the layoff tracking website, approximately two lakh tech workers have lost their jobs till May 18, 2023. And it appears that this number is increasing daily.

Around 6,000 other Meta employees have also been fired, and those affected are sharing their experiences on LinkedIn. In March, the business made the 10,000 job cuts official.

Meta made a 10,000 employee role reduction announcement in March of this year. But up until this point, the corporation had only let go of 4,000 workers. The remaining 6,000 employees were let go by the corporation beginning on Wednesday.

An employee stated that he had received his layoff mail at 4:30 am. “It was 2 long months of waiting, and yesterday, I couldn’t sleep, but also did not dare to check my work email until 5:00 am, so I was looking at my personal phone, expecting that whatever mail would be sent to my work mail. Around 4:30 am, I got a mail from leadership in my personal email and intuitively realized that I’m included in this layoff,” the fired employee wrote on LinkedIn.

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