Govt airs concern over state’s UPSC CSE performance in recent times

SHILLONG, May 25: The state government has flagged concern over Meghalaya’s performance in the UPSC Civil Services Examination in recent times.
It may be mentioned that the last tribal candidate from Meghalaya to ace the UPSC CSE was Isawanda Laloo, which was back in 2012.
After her, no tribal candidate had cleared the examination and secured the coveted posts. Two other candidates, Ankur Das and Swapnil Bhattacharya, however, cleared the UPSC CSE in 2022 and 2023 respectively.
Speaking about Meghalaya’s low rate of success in the UPSC CSE in recent times, Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma said, “We are second to none but there are some gaps and we are working on it. In the near future, we will have good news.”
Arguing that the state government has to be more serious in producing IAS and IPS officers from Meghalaya, he said, “Instead of playing politics here and there, we should focus on how to improve the standards of education and create more jobs. I would have loved to hear from the VPP if they had demanded filling up of all vacant posts rather than their demand to keep those jobs on hold, which is against the wishes of the unemployed youths.”
He also lamented that also the tribal population in the state has had potential in sports, till date no one has represented Meghalaya in cricket and football world cups due to unavailability of good playgrounds.

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