Non-tribal cab drivers, traders under scanner

SHILLONG, May 25: The Enforcement Wing of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) on Thursday along with the East Khasi Local Taxi Welfare Association (EKLTWA) conducted a surprise checking of trading and labour licences of non-tribal taxi drivers operating in the city.
The checking was carried out in different parts of the city including Motphran, Khyndailad, Red Cross Last Stop, Laban, Bishnupur, Polo, Madanrting, Happy Valley, Iew Mawlong, Khlieh Iewduh and Jhalupara.
It may be recalled that the EKLTWA had recently asked the KHADC to check the licences of the non-tribal drivers after a cab driver and his friend were assaulted by some taxi drivers at Khyndailad last week.
Meanwhile, the KHADC has urged the Dorbar Shnongs to enact stringent laws to keep a check on migrants from outside the state who come to reside in their respective localities and also check the trading licences of shops owned by non-tribals in their respective localities.
According to him, the Dorbar Shnongs can close down those shops if they do not have valid licence.
The KHADC on Thursday convened a meeting of the Rangbah Shnongs of around 50 localities in Shillong following reports in a section of the media about a large number of families from Manipur leaving the strife-torn state to settle in Madanrting.
KHADC CEM Titosstarwell Chyne told reporters that the executive committee held the meeting with the Rangbah Shnongs since they are concerned over reports of influx, especially from Manipur.
He said that the Rangbah Shnong of Madanrting clarified that a church had set up a relief camp for people from Manipur without informing the Dorbar Shnong.
Chyne said presently 32 people are still staying in the relief camp out of around 100 people who entered the relief camp. “I am concerned since I am sure that the other people have shifted to other localities of the city,” he said.
He said there was a suggestion from the Rangbah Shnongs that the state government should set up relief camps if it wants to help the tribals who migrated from Manipur and also ensure that these people return to their homes once the situation in Manipur improves.
The KHADC CEM expressed happiness that some Dorbar Shnongs have already taken steps to check the entry of people from outside the state into their localities.
“We want the Dorbar Shnongs to register people from outside the state who are staying as tenants in their localities. We have also suggested that the house owners should first inform the Dorbar Shnong before giving their house on rent to any tenant from outside,” Chyne said.
He further informed that they have decided to issue a district council notification under the name – Khasi Hill Autonomous District Council Maintenance of Household Register.

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