Lumpy Skin Disease hits cattle in Shillong


Shillong, May 30 : A number of cows in Shillong have died reportedly due to Lumpy Skin Disease

Some people who rears cows in Pynthorumkrah cow shelters said that this disease has been affecting cows since last one-two months

It was informed that around 8-9 cows have died recently due to the sickness

According to them, these cows usually gets fever and within few days, they start getting weak besides getting lumps in their bodies.

It is said that doctors from Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department have also treated many of these cows

As per reports, ongoing outbreak of Lumpy skin disease (LSD) has affected many states in India since May 2022. India reported its first ever Lumpy skin disease outbreak in August 2019. LSD is a contagious epizootic disease caused by the Capri pox virus, which spreads among cattle. The major mode of transmission is vector-borne. There is no specific treatment for LSD. The current preventive measure include vaccination, movement control of bovine animals and quarantining, implementing biosecurity through vector control.

When contacted Officials from Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department said that there will be mortality but there is a treatment and the disease can be controlled.

The officers also said that a team of the department will visit these shelters on Wednesday to take stock of the situation and the department has also issued do’s and don’t’s

Vaccines are also being given to healthy animals to prevent its spread in areas affected by LSD and farmers have been asked to contact nearby dispensary