Traffic congestion: Woman delivers inside vehicle, infant dies


From Our Correspondent

NONGSTOIN, Sep 17: In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman was forced to deliver her baby inside a tourist vehicle after she was stuck in traffic while on her way to a hospital in Shillong on Saturday. The baby died before receiving medical attention.
The woman, who hails from Mawthawniaw village in West Khasi Hills, was stuck in a massive traffic jam at Ksehkohlong near Pamphyrnai Lake on National Highway 44(E) for three hours. The gridlock was caused due to a fishing competition organised at Pamphyrnai Lake.
The family members accompanying the woman claimed that despite making appeals the passersby did not pay heed to their request. On reaching Umlieh they faced another traffic congestion caused by the same competition. The woman delivered the baby at the spot but the infant died before the family could reach Mairang. The family members took the mother to Holy Cross Hospital, Mairang, to save her life.
The family claimed that an ambulance which was supposed to pick them up from Umlieh was also stuck in the same traffic for over an hour.


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