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Merchants across India continue to use Paytm and its pioneering devices


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Shillong, February 22: One 97 Communications Limited (OCL), that owns financial services major Paytm, has received immense support from the merchant community across the country.

In a social media livestream organised by the company, merchants across India, including from Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru, among other cities, spoke about their Paytm journey.

During the live event, merchants expressed satisfaction with Paytm’s devices, including QR code scanners, Soundbox technology, and Card Machines, which they have been using for 4-5 years.

They assured that they will continue using Paytm’s iconic devices, while sharing their experiences.

Merchants including medium and small enterprises are rapidly adopting new-age payment technology in order to offer hassle-free shopping experiences to their customers.

The company pioneered QR code, Soundbox, and online financial services, facilitating the growth of street vendors and small businesses by enabling them to accept mobile payments.

Yogesh from New Delhi said he has been using Paytm for the last 3-4 years and will continue to use the devices.

“I have never faced any issue in receiving payments through the devices. Paytm has given convenience to every user,” he added.

They added that the devices are convenient to use and the platform offers great customer service.

Merchants also emphasised that they have encountered no settlement issues, expressing their fondness for Paytm by saying, ‘Paytm karte raho, aage badhte raho.”

Another merchant, Yaseer Sheikh from Pune said he has been using Paytm QR and Sound Box for many years and both were working seamlessly.

Also, Kartik from Mumbai said, “For young entrepreneurs like us, Paytm’s products are user friendly, cost effective, and makes payments solutions easier.”

From bustling metropolitan cities to the remotest corners of India, Paytm has extended mobile payment services to even the most far-flung areas of the country.

A Paytm’s Spokesperson said: “Our merchant partners are the backbone of Paytm’s success, and we are grateful for their unwavering support. Our pioneering devices Paytm QR, Soundbox and Card Machine will continue to work as always. We remain committed to fostering a strong relationship with our merchants, built on trust and transparency.” (IANS)


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