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Exploring Corbett Tiger Reserve through a captivating photographic guidebook


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By Abha Anindita

Wildlife In and Around Corbett Tiger Reserve: A Photographic Guidebook is a visual masterpiece that transports readers into the heart of India’s magnificent wilderness. Whether you’re an avid nature lover, aspiring wildlife photographer, or simply curious about the natural world, this book promises a journey through the Corbett Tiger Reserve, even while you are on your armchair.
Put together by Rajesh Chaudhary and Vinesh Kumar, who are passionate nature lovers and photographers themselves, the book has been published by NIYOGI Books and comes at a minimal cost of Rs 1495. Packed with over 1500 high-quality photographs, the book offers a comprehensive look at the diverse fauna and flora within the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) and its surrounding areas.
Beyond the stunning visuals, the book provides informative descriptions for over 700 species, making it a valuable resource for identification and learning about the complex ecosystem. The easy-to-use format and clear organisation make it suitable for both casual readers and experienced naturalists.
CTR isn’t just about tigers and elephants. It’s a thriving ecosystem where every species plays a vital role. The book encourages readers to appreciate the interconnectedness of life within the reserve. The clear organisation and easy-to-use format make this guidebook interesting for everyone alike. The cover, featuring a tiger staring into the reader’s soul, sets the tone for the captivating experience within. The authors’ aim to entice nature enthusiasts is evident throughout the book, with each page offering something new and engaging.
One of the book’s standout features is its user-friendly design, allowing readers to dive into any page without feeling out of place. The seamless integration of beautiful photographs amidst informative descriptions adds to the book’s charm. From mammals to birds, reptiles to butterflies, the guidebook covers a wide range of species found in the region. The inclusion of virtual tour maps for ecotourism planning enhances its practical utility.
Moreover, the book goes beyond the boundaries of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, providing insights into wildlife in the nearby Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand. This broader perspective adds depth to the reader’s understanding of the region’s biodiversity. The book also separates mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies, and other flora and fauna. Each section of the book is accompanied by captivating images, such as a tiger walking with its prey or a peacock displaying its vibrant plumage.
These visuals not only enhance the reading experience but also provide valuable insights into the secret lives of the featured species. The inclusion of trivia columns adds an extra layer of interest for readers, making the book both educational and entertaining.
Whether you’re learning about the hunting habits of a tiger or the intricate scales on a butterfly wing, there’s something for everyone to discover.
This photographic guidebook invites you to explore the rich wildlife heritage of Corbett Tiger Reserve, one of India’s premier wildlife sanctuaries. Through stunning photographs and informative descriptions, you’ll encounter the reserve’s dazzling array of mammals, birds, reptiles, and more. Beyond the iconic tiger and elephant, Corbett is home to over 700 species, each playing a vital role in the intricate web of life.
The guidebook has top-notch print quality and paper, making it stand out in the small niche of nature guidebooks in India. Its design is excellent and thoughtful, pleasing to the eye, and makes liberal use of images – an astounding 1,500 of them. To exploring enthusiasts, the cover image of a surprised melanistic leopard looking straight into the camera, and thereby into the reader’s soul.
Beyond the stunning visuals, the book provides informative descriptions for over 700 species, making it a valuable resource for identification and learning about the complex ecosystem.
The best part of the book is you can dive into any page and not find yourself out of place.
One of the images that caught the attention of this reader was an image of a magnified view of a part of a butterfly wing, teaching that butterfly wings are covered with scales arranged like roof tiles. The concluding portion which provides insight into the plant populace in CTR is well detailed and could be the best thing to happen to a botany aficionado, and well for others, the pictures do the job.
The most interesting part is that the book, along with the English names, the scientific names, also has the animal names in Hindi.
Wildlife In and Around Corbett Tiger Reserve is more than a guidebook; it’s an ode to nature’s grandeur. Rajesh Chaudhary and Vinesh Kumar have crafted a masterpiece that celebrates the intricate web of life within this sanctuary. Whether you’re flipping through its pages at home or exploring Corbett in person, this book will ignite your passion for conservation and leave you in awe of our natural world.


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