Thursday, April 25, 2024

Election: A Festival of democracy


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There is a saying that goes like this, “The only things we regret in life are the chances we didn‘t take.” From this coming month, the general election to the Lower House of Indian Parliament that is The Lok Sabha will take place in all the states and union territories of India in various phases as prescribed by the Election Commission of India (ECI). In Meghalaya, where currently we have two parliamentary seats namely Tura and Shillong Parliamentary Constituencies where the National Peoples’ Party (NPP) is represented by Agatha K. Sangma and Indian National Congress Party by Vincent H. Pala respectively.
As notified by the ECI, the election for both the parliamentary constituencies will be held on April 19, 2024. We have observed that the parties that have set up their candidates have geared up for campaign to various parts of the state to appeal to the citizens for their votes. This year the election, with regards to Shillong Parliamentary seat, is different from the past general elections with the emergence of the Voice of the Peoples’ Party (VPP). Voters seem to be inclined toward this newly emerged political party. Earlier the tug of war was mainly between the regional and national parties but this year the tug of war is no longer between but among the four potent political parties namely INC, NPP, UDP and VPP. People are still figuring out who to cast their votes for who can meet their needs and expectations.
Several key issues that the indigenous people of the state are facing are the issue of infiltration where from time to time even legislators and pressure groups are demanding from the central government for the implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP). Another burning issue is the demand for the inclusion of the Khasi Language in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, development issues for various central schemes, to name a few have been the key points in election campaigns. With the BJP as the leading political party of the NDA government which had held the eins of power in the central government for a decade now, the key issue is to fight against the indirect oppressive power toward the minority communities and religions especially in the North east region and the other controversial bills and acts they introduced.
As we all know, election are often described as the “festival of democracy”, Why? Because it provides the citizens with the opportunity to participate in the democratic process by choosing the representative and shaping the direction of the community. The election campaign is still underway and people are still in a dilemma as to which political party or candidate to vote for. Let us cherish this festival of democracy by not forgetting the fact that it take place only once in every five years. Let us remind ourselves that our votes play a very important role not only in choosing the right and good candidate but it is also a blessing for the coming generation.
Let us take this opportunity, use it wisely, and take a decision that will really bring positive change in our state, society and the community because our vote demands responsibility from the MPs. To conclude, I would appeal to all the voters of our beloved state, to cast our votes such that we i elect our representative after thinking carefully and arriving at the right decision especially by thinking for the future of the children of our state. We need to make sure that we decide wisely so that we will not feel regret our decisions in future. With 13, 96,054 voters this year, let us be the best examples for the next generation and who them that we are agents of change by taking a positive steps to shape the community through this festival.
Yours etc.,
Nangkyntiew S. Warjri,
Via email

On use of the term Non – Christian

With reference to the term ‘Non Christian’, I am not happy with the use of the term by the believers and followers of Christianity. They had been using the term for a long time to refer to the believers and followers of other religions. The term had been used in gatherings, workplaces, writings, etc. The use of the term appears as if there are no other religions on earth or that the other religions are not good or that Christianity is the only good religion.
The use of the term hurts me a lot. I am not against Christianity, I am not against the believers and followers of Christianity, I am against the term Non- Christian. So, I would like to request the believers and followers of Christianity not to use the term Non- Christian but instead to use the terms “the believers of other religions or the followers of other religions”.
Yours etc.,
Wallambiang Rani,
A believer and follower of Ka Niam Khasi,
Upper Shillong


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