Thursday, April 25, 2024

Ronnie admires traffic discipline of Mizo people


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SHILLONG, March 24: Leader of the Opposition Ronnie V Lyngdoh on Sunday advocated emulating the traffic discipline of Mizoram, where there is no overtaking and honking on the city roads.
“I was told Mizoram people never overtake or honk, we need that kind of discipline. If Mizoram has such traffic discipline, let us emulate that example,” said Lyngdoh.
Referring to choked city roads and chock-a-block traffic, he said, “Motorists and drivers need to be disciplined. Let us contribute our bit. We cannot put all the responsibility on the shoulders of the traffic police”.
He lamented how the public casually breaks the law in Shillong. “…here we have satisfaction to break the law. When there is no parking (sign), people park right in front of the signage. It shows our indiscipline”.
He pointed out that people do not take note of the inconvenience their actions on the road cause others.
He rested hopes on the Western bypass and the upcoming Shillong-Dawki road to ease the traffic in the city, while advocating for more arterial roads.


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