Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Comedy of Errors; Shillong’s quota of fire mishaps over?

Firefighters battle enormous flames at a storage facility of PHE department which caught fire on Saturday.

In a city where fire mishaps have become as common as the music festivals, one wonders, how many more flames must dance through the narrow hilly streets before there is an investment into prevention and preparedness to prevent the woes?
Or have the policy makers taken the Greek mythology of the ‘Rising phoenix from the ashes’, seriously?
With a frequency that rivals the daily news cycle, every week seems to bring a fresh tale of inferno-induced woes. Someday it is a forest fire moonlighting as an arsonist or a government building committing document suicide, and there is one expected reason ‘short circuit.’
Indeed, the loss of property is a bitter pill to swallow, but rest assured, our collective apathy will only be shattered when the flames lick at the heels of our very mortality. The winters are gone and we do not need such massive bonfires anymore, time to declare, we have had TOO MANY MISHAPS!

Clothing anxiety!
It is that time of the year again. Shillong’s freak weather has come back to haunt again. Hot sunny days and a chill at night. You are left confused and mentally stressed out. What do you wear? Cotton clothes are fine for the day time but what about the night when the mercury falls?
Shillongites have been kept busy guessing about the weather for the past few days. You step out of your homes to be greeted by the bright sun and you are happy about the light shades of cotton you’re wearing. Stay out late and you regret your choice of clothes. The dip in temperature as night falls accompanied by the strong winds make you wish for some warmth which your cottons don’t provide.
April is when spring is at its peak in Shillong and the city adorns a beautiful hue of colours, including green. The weather in the past used to be mostly pleasant and a light jacket or a cardigan was a common piece of daily clothing. However, with the weather in Shillong turning warmer with each passing year, residents have been left confused regarding their wardrobe. Add the unpredictable rains of Shillong to your calculations and you are left wondering about your choice of clothing every time you step out.
An anxious clothing predicament indeed!


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