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Navigating the world of social media


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The editorial “Social media bubble” (ST 28 May 2024) has touched upon an essential aspect of our modern digital age. “The human mind has not evolved at the speed that social media has and it is only natural that this invasion on the human attention span is causing severe disruption and distraction,” shows that the rapid evolution of technology, including social media, has outpaced our biological evolution. Our brains have evolved over thousands of years to process information in the natural environment. However, the constant influx of information from social media platforms challenges our attention span. Social media bombards us with notifications, updates, and content, leading to cognitive overload. Our brain struggles to filter relevant information from noise. Social media platforms are designed to trigger dopamine responses. Likes, comments, and shares provide instant gratification, reinforcing our desire to stay connected. This constant reward cycle encourages frequent checking, leading to shorter attention span.
Social media encourages multitasking. We switch between platforms, messages, and content rapidly. However, our brains are not optimized for efficient multitasking. Cognitive load increases as we juggle multiple tasks, affecting our ability to focus deeply on any one thing. Social media amplifies fear of missing out (FOMO). We fear missing out on events, news, or experiences shared by others. This fear drives compulsive checking, further fragmenting our attention. Algorithms personalize our feeds based on our preferences. While this enhances user experiences, it also creates echo chambers. We are exposed to content that aligns with our existing beliefs, reinforcing confirmation bias. Critical thinking and exposure to diverse perspectives suffers. To mitigate these effects we should consider digital detox by regularly disconnecting from social media and allow our brains to reset. It’s important to be aware of our attention. This can happen from focused, intentional engagement rather than mindless scrolling. Remember, while social media offers immense benefits, it is crucial to strike a balance. Our minds adapt, but conscious efforts can help us navigate this digital landscape more effectively.
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Is the DSC East Khasi Hills Sleeping?

The written test for the post of Junior Soil & Water Conservation Demonstrator Junior-I was scheduled to be held in January 2022, following the publication of the names of candidates who qualified in the physical test. However, the exam was postponed indefinitely, and to date, no further information has been provided. More than two years have passed, and the District Selection Committee East Khasi Hills has neither conducted the exam nor given any indication of when it might be held. It is disheartening to see qualified individuals waiting for years without any clarity or progress in the recruitment process.
Many of the candidates applying for this post have now become over-aged. By the time they qualify or get selected for this position, they will only have 20-25 years of service remaining, which will significantly affect their retirement and pensionary benefits, especially under the current contributory pension scheme.
This situation reflects poorly on the efficiency and accountability of the recruitment process, leading to frustration and disappointment among the applicants. The posts were advertised in 2018, and nearly six years later, the recruitment process remains incomplete. The delay in conducting the written exam is causing distress and uncertainty among aspiring candidates.
It is crucial to review and improve the overall recruitment framework to avoid such prolonged delays in the future. Timely recruitment not only benefits deserving candidates but also ensures that the requisitioning offices are not adversely affected by such delays. The government must strengthen all DSCs to enable them to conduct recruitment tests more efficiently.
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