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Don’t take voters for granted!


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The VPP victory in the Shillong Parliamentary seat was predicted by many. For once there was a sort of meeting of minds across the Khasi-Jaintia Hills especially in rural Meghalaya that this time they would send a new MP to Parliament and a worthy one in Dr Ricky Syngkon, a gentleman-politician.
The NPP is seen as a party of the ‘high level’ with no concern for the poor and the downtrodden. This message has spread far and wide and the VPP is seen as a paragon of hope that would cleanse the system of its proclivity to make available the resources of the state to a select few who are enclosed inside a political circumference. People are neither deaf nor blind and may seem powerless because they are poverty-stricken but the vote gives them the power to reward and punish. Politicians tend to forget this lesson that if they can be voted to power they can also be made to bite the dust.
The victory of Congress candidate Saleng Sangma in the Tura Parliamentary seat too was predicted earlier on. People of Garo Hills wanted a change. People rallied round him right from the campaign period. They want an MP who is available and knows what ails the region. When an MP or MLA is elected repeatedly, he/she invariably takes the voters for granted. This is why Agatha Sangma was voted out and so was Vincent Pala. This election also proves that the Congress party may have been down but is not out and it can resurrect itself under the right leadership and if the party units at the grassroots level are activated. These units are what the Congress party used to draw it’s strength from. Sadly they have been left to wither.
Now it remains to be seen as to what happens to the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) in Meghalaya. Will it still survive or will the dissidents who abandoned the Congress return to their original place? Much will depend on the Congress High Command which now needs to change tack and renew its commitment to the service of the people.
Yours etc.,
HK Nongrum,
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Great Minds on India

I am honoured to be presented with the book ‘Great Minds on India’ by Salil Gewali from the man himself. After reading through the book I am impressed by the effort taken by the author to research and compile the views and opinions of so many outstanding scholars, scientists, philosophers and writers from across the globe on the contributions made by ancient India to human civilization in different fields of human activity.
Dr. Kalpalatha Guntupalli, Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA, writes about the book, “the book chronicles the worldview of India, not what India thinks of herself”. Great personalities such as Albert Einstein, T.S. Eliot, Erwin Schrodinger, Julius R. Oppenheimer, Queen Frederika of Greece, Prof. Arthur Holmes, Bernard Shaw, Barack Obama, Jean Sylvain Bailly, are just a few among others, who have expressed their opinions as compiled in this book. Though compact in size, this “research-based book” also gives a brief write-up on the background of each one of the brilliant minds who have been mentioned in this publication.
Our own philosopher poet Soso Tham had written in one of his poems, “ Jingstad ngi wad sawdong pyrthei, jingshai ka Ri ngim tip eiei” ( knowledge we seek around the world, wisdom of our own we know nothing at all) is very apt when relating to this book because the Hynniewtrep people are also known to be “ka bala rim bha (Ancient) ka ba stad (Intelligent) bad ka ba jylliew (Deep)”. The book’s translation into many languages is an acknowledgement that this book is a must read for people with ‘an inquisitive mind’ and those who want to enrich their world view.
Thank you once again Salil Gewali for a treasure of a book that allows me to make a critical study into the contributions of ancient India to the world vis-a-vis the India that we live in today with the hope that India today and India tomorrow will not disappoint the world nor its own citizens.
Yours etc.,
Michael N.Syiem
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Call for genuine change & development in Meghalaya

The election results in the Shillong constituency mark a significant and much-needed shift in our state’s political landscape. The active participation of the youth in the voting process has been particularly commendable, demonstrating a robust exercise of democratic rights and a collective desire for real change. This should serve as a wake-up call to all political parties: if you do not prioritize the development and welfare of the people, you will face similar consequences again.
The electorate has clearly voiced their demands, which include improvements in education, employment generation, traffic management, and other pressing issues that affect the daily lives of ordinary citizens. It is imperative for the parties to heed this message and begin working earnestly towards these goals. The mandate given to the winning parties in Shillong and Tura is not a mere victory; it is a call to action requiring a top-notch performance dedicated to the people’s needs.
A corruption-free administration is crucial for the progress of our state. The new leadership must ensure transparency and integrity in their governance. The voters have shown that they will no longer tolerate complacency or malfeasance. Now, it is up to the newly elected representatives to deliver on their promises and work for the welfare of all citizens, regardless of caste or creed.
To the other political parties: this is your moment to reflect and act. Start working now towards tangible improvements in the lives of your constituents, or the upcoming MDC elections might bring an even bigger shock. The people of our state are no longer passive observers; they are active participants in their future.
Let us remain vigilant and hopeful, and see what positive changes this new wave of leadership will bring to our beloved state.
Yours etc.,
R Sarki


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