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Tea produced by small growers fetches record price at GTAC


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Guwahati, June 5 /–/ In a development that augurs well for the small tea growers in Assam, tea grown by small growers and processed in a bought-leaf factory fetched a record price at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC).

On Wednesday, quality tea grown by small tea growers sold at Rs 436 per kg at GTAC, which is the highest price for a bought-leaf tea garden.

“These teas were made by Rajajuli bought-leaf tea factory in the name of Dharmajuli Teas, sold by Paramount Tea Marketing Pvt Ltd and purchased by M/s Baruah Innovation, Guwahati. This reflects positively on the quality of tea being produced,” Dinesh Bihani, secretary, Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers Association (GTABA), informed.

“This development not only signifies the recognition of quality teas but also bodes well for small growers who can now anticipate better prices for their green leaves,” Bihani said.

Moreover, a new record in tea prices was set with two lines of Hookhmol CTC tea fetching a record price of Rs 723 per kg during sale number 23 at the auction centre here on Wednesday.

“These lots were sold by J. Thomas and Company, and bought by M/s Arihant Tea Company and Shree Jagdamba Tea Syndicate. The faith in the auction system seems well-placed, given these remarkable prices,’” he said.

The GTABA secretary further said that the transparent nature of the auction system has ensured that such high prices are achievable, which might not be the case in private sales.

“This could lead to a positive cycle where better prices at auction encourage small growers to focus on producing quality green leaves, further enhancing the overall quality and reputation of teas from the region. We are very hopeful to see that GTAC will continue to set new records in the coming months,” he said.


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