Tuesday, July 23, 2024

We deserve better roads for the money spent!


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Much has been written and opinions given through this newspaper in the past on bad roads and poor road construction across the State, not to speak of rural roads. We are all concerned about public property and state assets, since roads are the lifeline and backbone of the economy. I will focus on this one road which was recently constructed. The recent double- laning of the Mawroh – Mawkynroh road leading up to ISBT Mawiong, which has been functional for over a year now is already showing signs of cracks and breakage leading to potholes in certain stretches. Thanks to the PWD Roads and the contractors who have shamelessly constructed a road lasting not more than one season! I would once again point out as a lay person that the quality of work carried out is just not up to the standards laid down for road construction.
I have seen many roads constructed while passing through the length and breadth of this state, in Garo Hills, Assam etc. All I can say is this – they are of very poor quality. Roads constructed by renowned companies /groups as per specifications are always good and last for years. This road is only a few months old and you can see the unevenness, especially at night when the lights are on. Smoothness is a concern because the thickness of the bitumen is very poor. The uppermost layer should have been 6 inches or more thick to make it last longer, be smoother and bear the load of heavy vehicles. We do not know who the contractors are who have undertaken this important task. This road is already very busy and traffic is heavy due to road diversion as a result of the Umiam Dam repair work. I do not know how long the road will last. All I know is that we the public would be the losers and sufferers in the future. I request the PWD Roads to please conduct a proper spot inspection and supervision to oversee the potholes, breakage and the quality of work and conduct immediate repairs before the road further worsens. Moreover such roads need paved shoulders and some footpaths to allow people to walk alongside.
We do not know what is the total component of this particular road. It is surprising that no proper signage is provided along the road. All we want to see are good quality roads in our Shillong city and not substandard roads in the future.
Across Shillong, roads are in a very bad shape. All we have to say is blame it on the weather and the rain. Can’t our dear engineers have knowledge that rain is a part of this country and this state in particular? If the roads constructed during the British and Assam time can withstand the test of time, why can’t we have such roads today when modern technology is ever present? Whether you drive in a new or old car, the roads will shake and jolt your car. Constant repairs and patch work annually or bi-annually has damaged the smoothness and quality of the roads. It is requested in public interest that good roads be constructed to make our city proud.
I hope our respected leaders under the present Government will deliver the work to at least make Shillong worthy of being called a Smart City. This is written in public interest and not to criticise or offend anyone. As a concerned citizen I am only sharing my views.
Yours etc.,
Reward Rymbai,

Delay in declaration of results by Secretariat Administration Dept
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to bring to the notice of the general public that the Secretariat Administration Department, Government of Meghalaya, had floated an advertisement on February 9, 2022, calling for applications from eligible candidates for filling up various categories of Grade IV posts. Subsequently, after a gap of almost two years, the Screening Test for the aforementioned posts was finally conducted on January 27, 2024 in various examination centres throughout the state. However, it is disheartening to state that the results of the Screening Test have not yet been declared and made public even to this day, despite a delay of over four months. This is a cause of great concern, as it casts aspersions on the entire recruitment process. Using the OMR Answer Sheets there should in fact be no delay of a month or two between the examination and the declaration of results as it is easy to assess and compute the final results. We request the Cabinet Minister in charge Secretariat Administration Department and the concerned IAS officers manning the Department to please show some mercy on the common people and to declare the results forthwith.
Yours etc.,
Shemborki K. Jahrin,
Mawkyrwat Village,
Via email


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