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NGH-o Right to Public Service Act-ni awareness program-ko ong·ata


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RESUBELPARA: Sukrobar salo, North Garo Hills a·jani District Administration, Meghalaya Right to Public Services Act 2020-ni bidingo songni nokni manderangna agan-talate on·na gita dingtangmancha awareness program-ko Mendipathar College-ni Conference Hall-o ong·atangaha.

Meghalaya a·doko songdongenggipa manderangna dongimin somoi gita sorkarini kamrangko chu·sokate on·na nangani gimin sorkario kam ka·enggipa pilak manderangna agan-talate on·na gita ia awareness program-ko ong·atangaha.

Ia program-ko ong·atanio, North Garo Hills a·jani official-rang, songni nokni manderangna aro Nokma-sordarrangna aganprakangengon, Meghalaya Right to Public Services Act-ni kamrangko nitimna aro ka·dilna gita Meghalaya State Public Services Delivery Commission-ko songaha ine talataniko on·angaha.

Ia awareness program-ko ong·atanio, Police department, Medical, Social Welfare and Law department-ni official-rang, department-tangtangni gita manderangna online aro offline-o dangdike on·enggipa kamrangni gimin songni nokni manderangna agan-talatanirangko on·angtokaha.


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