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Jasprit Bumrah: Reminiscing the making of a World Cup Champion


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By Deepal Trivedi

My knowledge of cricket is zero. I know Virat Kohli as Anushka’s husband. He is so pleasant and I like it when he tries to dance.
But this story is about my hero. One day in December 1993, when my salary was less than Rs 800 a month, my best friend and next door neighbour compelled me to take leave. She was expecting her child. I must have been 22-23 years old then. I spent most of that day at a hospital in Paldi area that December in Ahmedabad. My friend Daljit’s husband, Jasbir had stepped out for a few minutes when the nurse shouted our names and later put a baby in my shaky hands.
That was the first time I touched a new born baby. All I remember was that the baby was lanky. He was trying to smile but he really didn’t. The nurse said he was a boy. He was thin and weak. And the doctor soon took charge. My friend Daljit was very happy. I was already a godmother to her daughter Juhika.
This is like a Bollywood film. Gujarat Chief minister Chimanlal Patel had passed away. In the next two months, I became a political reporter, got a small raise and bought some ice cream that we shared.
As next door neighbours we shared everything. I didn’t own a phone, fridge or even a bed! We shared a wall and Daljit’s house was my haven. Sadly. Daljit’s husband, Jasbir passed away too soon. Life changed. We were left without hope. That whole month, I handled the kids. I read to them. The boy was never interested in reading or listening to stories and started playing with his cheap stupid, plastic ball.
While baby-sitting I sometimes ate up the biscuits belonging to the kids because I was starving. Yes, we starved; we struggled; we cried; we fought on and lived life. Juhika, the daughter whose godmother I was and who is the most beautiful child I had ever seen, gave me hope with her smile and a tight hug. She continues to give me that passionate hug. But the boy’s struggles had only just begun. We could hardly afford him a packet of Amul Dairy milk or any milk. We were all busy struggling to meet ends as he was growing up. His mother worked at least 16-18 hours a day.
I recall once when I got some increments, I visited Westside, the most posh store I then knew, to buy a kurta for myself. Jasprit was there. He must have been 8 years old and he was accompanied by his mother. A diffident little boy, he was hiding behind her dupatta. He wanted a wind-cheater. That’s my only gift to him. I spent Diwali, Christmas and my birthday without a new kurta. But his wind-cheater gave me the feeling that I was wearing a Rajdeep Ranawat or a Manish Malhotra outfit.
Unlike his sister, he was a shy, reticent child. Today he is a legend. To add more to his achievements, that momentous night he played a crucial role in winning the Cricket World Cup for us. Every Indian must be proud of him and learn from him. His humility has remained unchanged.
That shy, little boy is Jasprit Bumrah.
I have tried to watch one match of his at his mother’s insistence but I walked off half way because I just don’t understand cricket.
I have written this long post to emphasise that young people should never give up because God never gives up on us.
I am so fortunate to have been the first to hold Jasprit in my hands. That moment often gives me hope to face life as and when I face difficult situations. His mother Daljit is of course solely responsible for raising such wonderfully resilient kids.
Some months ago, Jasprit’s beautiful wife Sanjana served us lunch with grace, class, humility and elegance. A point to note! Today that little baby Jasprit who I once held in my hands has his own baby, Angad! And of course, Angad is much more handsome than Jasprit was!
I hardly write personal posts but I wanted to this time because I don’t want anyone in life to lose hope.
Each time we are disillusioned in life, think of Jasprit Bumrah. Think of his struggles. and how God has helped him. God will help all of us but first we have to help ourselves.
Please join me in congratulating my baby Jasprit Bumrah for the World Cup victory. From an obscure area and school in Ahmedabad, he has made all of us proud. I thank his mother Daljit and sister Juhika for shaping him up to become a World Champion. His wife Sanjana is of course his soulmate.
Sorry Jasprit, I didn’t watch the match but I love you!
#WorldCupFinal #worldcup2024
(The writer is founder-editor CEO of VibesOfIndia a news portal and is based in Ahmedabad)


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