Tuesday, July 16, 2024

New criminal laws are a threat to state’s autonomy, says TMC


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SHILLONG, July 2: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has voiced concerns over the new criminal laws that recently came into effect in India, stating they pose a threat to Meghalaya’s autonomy and individual rights. TMC leader Richard Marak highlighted these issues in response to Home Minister Amit Shah’s assertion that the new laws lack political bias.
Marak argued that while the laws themselves may not be politically colored, their implementation could be politicised. “His statement is not only misleading but also dangerously overlooks the constitutional implications and practical consequences of these laws, particularly for states like Meghalaya governed under the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution,” he stated.
Marak criticised the lack of proper consultation and transparency in the passage of these laws, noting that the increased police powers could lead to misuse and abuse of authority. He expressed concern that the autonomy of states like Meghalaya, which are governed under the Sixth Schedule, is being undermined. The Sixth Schedule grants special autonomy to tribal areas, allowing them to self-govern; these new laws, Marak warned, erode that autonomy.
He further asserted that the new criminal laws introduced by Amit Shah and the Modi government pose significant risks to India’s constitutional framework and democratic values. Marak emphasised the need to recognise and address these threats to protect the autonomy of regions like Meghalaya and to ensure the rights of all citizens are safeguarded.


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