Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Baghmara-Rongara ramako ta·rake tarichina ASPF dabia


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TURA: South Garo Hills a·jao Baghmara-oni Rongara-ona dakanggipa ramako tariani kamrang matchotchipkujaengani a·sel da·o gita wachini somoio a·arang ruronge songre songgabatenggipa manderangna kenna nangani ong·enga ine A·chik State People’s Front (ASPF) Southern Zone parakatenba, jolo songdongenggipa manderangni namgnina aro ramako re·ruraenggipa manderangni namgnina ia ramako ta·rake matchotatchina South Garo Hills a·jani Deputy Commissioner-ko didiataha.
ASPF Southern Zone-ni parakatani gitade, Baghmara-oni Rongara-ona dakanggipa ramako tariani kamrang da·onan matchotkujaengani a·sel da·o mikkarang waani somoio a·arang ruronge ramarang champengatako man·rongengachim.
“Ia ramako ta·rake tarija ong·ode aro ta·rake matchotatjagenchimode ia rama gita re·ruraenggipa manderangna kenchakna nangani ong·enga aro dal·a a·selrangko chagrongna nangani cholrangba donga,” ine ASPF Southern Zone-ni dilgiparang parakatenba, ia ramako ta·rake matchotatna gita ja·kurangko de·china, South Garo Hills a·jani Deputy Commissioner-ko didiataha.


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