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Shillong Jottings


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The Monsoon ramp
Cometh monsoon in Shillong, and the streets of the city are a fashion show of raincoats and umbrellas, each telling its own story of age, gender, and style preferences.
Umbrellas range from transparent chic to polka dots, revealing more about their owners than one might expect. For women, the monsoon brings an opportunity to flaunt their fashion sense with an array of stylish umbrellas and raincoats, from floral prints to quirky designs. Men, on the other hand, seem to stick to the tried and tested formula: monochromatic colors and plain umbrellas, with blue or black raincoats being their favourite.
Of course, one cannot/ should not generalise, but for most men out there, it seems practicality wins over panache.
The real stars of this seasonal spectacle, however, are the children. Adorned in all things cartoon, the little ones bring a splash of color and joy to the rainy days with their Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Barbie-themed rain gears. It’s a heartwarming sight that can bring a smile to even the gloomiest of monsoon days.

The moving brewmasters
The streets of Shillong have a unique breed of heroes: the tea vendors. With their trusty mini tea stalls and the legendary “chawla” in hand, they’re the masters of portable refreshment, offering solace in a cup to weary travellers and bustling professionals alike.
These tea wizards don’t just serve tea; they serve respite. No matter the whims of Shillong’s weather -rain, shine, or surprise monsoon — they’re there, undeterred, ready to brew a local experience in every sip. From doctors to teachers, and any other profession, everyone pauses their hectic lives for a moment with these ‘sha’ saviors. They juggle with their two tiny hands; one biscuit at a time.


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