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Perfect weekend breakfast

Keep bread, butter, eggs, oats and cornflakes for weekday breakfast. Sunday calls for something special, something different from your strict health regime. This week, Toshali Mandal is serving Kashmiri dum alu and peas kachori, a delicious…

Another childhood

Kids today live in a whole new world where old-time fun in school & leisure have no place It is just not the right thing to do at this age,” Amrita Paul had barked at her 14-year-old son when he earnestly requested for a smart phone. “A…

Gleneagles loses glory

The vast undulating field at Golf Link is a favourite not only of the tourists but also the locals. Young lovers, parents with children and senior citizens throng the place for fresh air and a peaceful stroll. But it is on Saturday and…

Glow with love this V-Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it is time to look your best. It does not matter if you are going on a special date, looking for one or just taking a walk with friends and family, you want to look and feel your absolute best.…

Enjoy a slice of Gujarat

Talking about Sunday snacks, why don’t we have a slice of west India this week? Dhokla is a popular snack not only in the western part of the country but in other cities too. It is delicious, light and healthy. One may find the preparation…

Nokpante narratives

By Prasanta Phukon If the name Mikhail Marak does not ring a bell then let’s just call him Nokpante. If that too sounds unfamiliar, then here is a brief introduction of the single pop artiste from Tura — his latest single Hai Chena caught…

Off the bridle track

The sahibs introduced equestrian events in Shillong that once had a well-maintained race course. But a part of history faded with time & so has the culture of horse-riding & related sports Of the many things that Shillong lost

Spicy delight with Mughlai snack

Mughlai paratha is a delicious and filling snack. With its meat stuffing and a layer of egg, the hot, crispy Indian-style patty just melts in your mouth. The paratha is traditionally served with spicy potato curry and mustard sauce but one

Diet check for healthy hair

Hair is said to be our crowning glory. Hair fall and thinning of hair are common issues today. Modern hectic lifestyle, exposure to pollution, inadequate sleep, stress and the use of chemical products deteriorate hair quality and lead to

A sustainable answer to plastic

At a time when the world is saying “no to plastic”, bamboo can be considered as a sustainable alternative. The natural resource is especially significant in this part of the country where bamboos grow in abundance. Bamboo is traditionally