ANVC (B) warns against ‘tax’ collection

By Our Reporter

 Shillong: The ANVC (B) (Breakaway faction) has, in an open statement, warned that it would not allow any collection of Goonda (forced) Tax from traders in Garo Hills, saying that it indirectly contributes to inflated prices of essential commodities.

In a statement issued to the press on Saturday, Akimbri R Marak, ‘personal secretary to chairman’ ANVC (B), said that the high price of essential commodities has its roots in various taxes imposed by various organizations and also because of monopoly of goods.

Claiming that people have turned to them for abolishing of all kinds of improper taxation imposed on traders, marak said that even locals are made to pay taxes.

Stating that the Chamber of Commerce and other associations have failed to protect the interest of the local traders, Marak demanded that they should give way to others who would stand out against such atrocities.

Marak also directed that from May onwards payment of all kinds of taxes should stop and all commodity prices should come down.

“Neither we will impose taxes nor will we allow others to impose tax on local traders and the business community because it ultimately affects the general public,” Marak added.

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