GNLA salvo at ex-chief, police

‘Champion keeps mobile hidden inside TV or novel’

TURA: Angered by its chairman Champion R Sangma’s sudden resignation terming it nothing less of a betrayal to its armed struggle, the banned GNLA outfit has returned its salvo by revealing that its former leader regularly communicated with the outside world through the use of a cell phone which he reportedly kept hidden inside a television set.
The outfit goes on to reveal that Champion continues to have access to mobile phones inside the jail premises.
“We have come to know from reliable sources that Champion Sangma is still using a mobile phone inside the jail which is kept hidden inside the television set. Sometimes he hides it inside a novel which he is fond of reading,” the GNLA said in a statement issued by its joint publicity secretary Garo  Mandei Ch Marak on Thursday said.
“If the intelligence wings of the Police force can tap the phones being used by other militants why has the Police turned a blind eye as far as Champion is concerned despite the issue coming out in many newspapers in the past? Is this kind of facility also available to other militant leaders in the Delhi Central Jail? Or are the top Police Officers deliberately allowing him to use mobile phones,” questioned the militant group. It may be mentioned that Champion’s access to mobile phones had made headlines in the media way back in June, 2013. However, jail authorities had at the time chose to remain skeptical and a search of his cell also failed to turn up anything.

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