What is NEHU up to?


Days and weeks of serious preparation ended up in a paper that was not expected. The students have to face the music played by the best minds of the NEHU faculty. As a parent I could understand the frustration and hopelessness of our children who prepared the course supposedly of seven to eight months in just three months and the questions put up by the NEHU experts was just too much for them. I ask myself, what is NEHU up to, don’t they want that our children answer the questions and at least score pass marks to qualify?  A day after, it is so depressing to hear most  students complaining of the standards set by NEHU. Instead of making the paper interesting, the very interest or passion is diminished. Come results time, most will wonder why they could not get through just because of EVS .My earnest request to the NEHU experts who set the question papers is to kindly feel the pulse of the students and allow them to have a decent score at least.

Yours etc.,

Name withheld on request.

Why such neglect? 

Some days ago there was a report that the Bus Association in Garo Hills have stopped bus services to Baghmara due to the pitiable road condition.  This should shame all of us. One will understand the state of the road only when one visits the capital of South Garo Hills. Whether from Williamnagar (East Garo Hills) or from Tura (West Garo Hills) the roads are equally terrible. The pathetic roads to the border district have been there for many years but now even buses can no longer ply. Why such  neglect for the home town/district of the first Chief Minister of the state, Captain Williamson A Sangma? The adjacent district, South West Garo Hills (Ampati) is a heaven compared to South Garo Hills. From Tura to Ampati you have one of the best roads in the state. From Ampati to Mahendraganj you have a first class highway. 
South Garo Hills is home to Balpakram National Park. The mythical tourist destination, lying 3,000 ft. above sea level  and covering an area of 200 sq kms is declared a national park by late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi in 1987. This place will enchant you no end with its breath taking scenic beauty and rich flora and fauna. But the 167 km road from Tura and 125 km from Williamnagar which can be described as horrible will discourage even the most adventurous tourist and most ardent lover of nature. 
Roads are the most visible indicators of the total backwardness of the district. If such is the road condition, one can imagine, heath, education, poverty in the district, For me the people of South Garo Hills should no longer tolerate this unjustified and criminal neglect. The masses should march to the State Secretariat. If that is not possible, then at least to the office of the Deputy Commissioner in Baghmara.  Only then will the government take notice.
Yours etc.,  
Albert Thyrniang 
Tura, West Garo Hills  


Anomaly in MPSC Recruitment


Apropos the news item, ‘MLA points out anomaly in MPSC recruitment (ST April 21, 2018), I would like to highlight certain points about the post. Firstly the post for Child Development Officer (CDPO) should have been open to all Post Graduates in Nutrition and Home Science who have specialized in Nutrition and Child Development. It should not be limited to only students sponsored by the State Government. Secondly, other states in India are recruiting post graduates in Nutrition and Home Science specialised in Nutrition and Child Development to take up the role of a CDPO. So why is our State acting differently? The role of a CDPO is to implement the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) programme and provide the link between the ICDS functionaries and the Government Administration. Two objectives of this programme are related to Nutrition and is focused on the improvement of the nutritional and health status of children in the age group of 0-6 years and adolescents. Another objective is to enhance the capacity of the mother to look after the health and nutritional needs of the child through proper nutrition and health education. So Post Graduates in the above subjects are very much qualified for the role of a CDPO. It seems the higher authorities in the respective departments are ignorant of this fact. Another important key element of the programme is to emphasise on preventive approaches to Malnutrition and Disability.

Before a CDPO takes up responsibilities he/she has to undergo job training for delivery of services having a major learning goal of nutritional assessment and counselling for young children and to improve family and community practices in nutrition and healthcare. Post graduate courses in Nutrition and Home Science with specialisation in Nutrition and Child Development has already been covered in their syllabus of 5 years (from Bachelors to Masters’ degree) whereas the concerned Department is trying to give job training to those with Masters in Social Welfare (MSW) for a period of only 2-3 months which is not sufficient at all. Malnutrition and maternal mortality rate are huge problems in our state. If the concerned Department does not realise that it is all team work between the MSW graduates and Nutrition and Home Science graduates then the funds provided by the Central government will be wasted since the desired results are not accomplished. Other States are doing well but ours is still lagging behind. I am not stating this based on statistics because these can be manipulated.  One can just visit hospitals and health care centres, to get a clear picture of the present scenario. Hence I urge the MPSC to reconsider the qualifications stipulated for the post of CDPO and re-advertise the post by including post graduate degree holders in Nutrition and Home Science with specialisation in Nutrition and Child Development.

Yours etc.,

Name withheld on request,

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