Ri Bhoi bans plastic in religious places

SHILLONG: The Forest Department office in Ri Bhoi on Monday urged all religious places in the district to avoid using plastic as it causes threat to environment.
J. Dkhar, the divisional forest officer (DFO), Social Forestry Division, Nongpoh, appealed to the secretaries of all churches, heads of all temples, mosques, gurudwaras to beat plastic pollution.
Dkhar said plastic products, including plates, cutleries, PET bottles, takeaway cups, lunch wrapped in disposable plastic packaging, plastic bags and disposal food containers made of polystyrene foam and plastic straws should be prohibited.
The staff and visitors to the religious places should be encouraged to refuse, reduce and reuse plastic products in their daily uses.
According to the DFO, usage of durable, foldable and inexpensive reusable bags which can be carried around in car, pocket or purse, use of bio-degradable and other types of compostable utensils should be encouraged.
He also appealed to avoid plastic supplies especially plastic decorative tapes etc and introduce waste segregation into different coloured bins and waste recycling.
Dkhar asked the religious leaders to come up with innovative ideas to reduce plastic footprint, adding, “Religious leaders must put up notice on the entrance or on the premises to prohibit use of single-use plastic items.”

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