Fire damages five shops in Nongpoh

Nongpoh: A major fire broke out on Tuesday morning at Umtrew village in Ri Bhoi District reducing as many as five shops to ashes.
The fire incident which happened around 4am fully damaged the shops belonging to Kohales Syiemlieh, Alfred Kharthangmaw, Wendi Marwein,  Wanderity Sun and Predalin Kyrsian. As per sources from the police, the cause of the fire incident is due to a short-circuit of electricity from one of the welding shops.
Local residents on knowing of the incident rushed to the spot to douse the fire, but could not succeed as it had spread to other adjoining shops as well. By the time the Fire Service Team reached the spot, all five shops had completely been reduced to ashes.
An inquiry is also being conducted by the police to assess the total damages caused by the fire.

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