Aaranyak enlightens young minds on nature conservation issues

World Rhino Day celebrated with school students

GUWAHATI: The younger generation of today is facing an uphill task to become pro-active in preserving nature and its resources including floral and faunal species at this critical juncture that our planet is passing through.
This message was tried to be drummed into the ears of a 200-strong group of boys and girls, all students of Panbari High School at Panbari near Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary in Kamrup Metropolitan District of Assam, by a team from Aaranyak on the occasion of World Rhino Day on Saturday.
Aaranyak in association with Panbari High School and Guwahati Wildlife Division of Assam Forest Department celebrated the World Rhino Day at Panbari High School premises with an objective to sensitise the young minds not only about the importance of conservation of the precious one-horned rhino, the pride of Assam, but also about how every human being on the earth today has to give priority for conservation of the environment and ecosystem for their own survival on the earth along with other species of the animal kingdom.
In presence of the Headmaster of Panbari High School, Ranjit Basumatary and Range Officer of Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, Nareswar Das, the Aaranyak team comprising Purnima Devi Barman, Manas Kumar Bhattacharrya and Jayanta Kumar Pathak engaged in an engrossing interaction with the students who reciprocated with the probing questions making it a lively session.
Aaranyak’s one of the most decorated conservation leaders, Purnima Devi Barman in her simple and ebullient way encouraged the young minds to dream big and chase it tirelessly to achieve it so that they taste success in life not only in their chosen careers but also in contributing in their way for conservation and enrichment of nature. She was very particular in describing how dangerous the plastic is for the environment and how important to opt for recycling and reuse of it to save the earth.
Manas Kumar Bhattacharrya from Rhino Research and Conservation Vision of Aaranyak, enlightened the students through a presentation about various aspects of rhino conservation and different species of the animal so that they are induced to develop a mental bonding with the animal that thrive in the state’s rich wilderness.
Environment Educator, Jayanta Kumar Pathak who anchored the programme, engaged the students in an animated interaction during which the young minds raised so many questions to clear doubts and quench their thirst for information on various aspects rhino and nature conservation.

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