Stir against bad roads brings Baghmara Town to a standstill


 TURA: The one day Non-Cooperation Movement (NCM) called by combined organisations of South Garo Hills demanding the immediate repair of deplorable roads in the region brought normal life to a standstill at the district headquarters at Baghmara on Monday with no vehicular movement being seen and shops remaining shut.


Schools located in the town also remained close while there was very thin attendance in offices including that of the government. However, apart from tyres being burnt at several locations there were no untoward incidents reported from anywhere.


“Tyres were burnt by unknown miscreants at four different locations. One was on the road at Dimapara and three others were at Baghmara Town itself. But we were able to clear all them as it took place early in the morning,” a senior district official said.


This is the second time within a span of a few weeks that an NCM has been called in the district. Organisations like the GSU, GHSMC, ASWA, ADE, AAYF, Mothers’ Union and others demanding the immediate repair of pitiable roads in the region.


According to the organisations the most deplorable roads that need immediate repair are the stretches of road along NH-62 from Dalu to Nongalbibra via Baghmara, Baghmara to Ranikor via Rongara-Mahadeo, Kerabra to Deku via Rimrangpara, and those along NH-51 from Daluagre PWD Road to Eman Asakgre via Chokpot, Chokpot to Sibbari, Gasuapara to Chokpot via Rongchong and Dimapara to Ruga.


Another deplorable road that needs a complete new construction according to the organisations is the Nongal Jadi to Kalu Mongchong, the up-gradation of which to PWD Road is being sought.




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