Tura fuel station takes consumers for a ride

TURA: Barely a month after consumers accused the operators of the oldest fuel station in Tura of alleged tempering of the meter reading during delivery of fuel,  the  AOC gas station at Hawakhana, Tura, is once again in the news for the wrong reason.
A commuter who filled his car tank with petrol from the AOC station, a few days ago, was in for a rude shock after it was discovered that the consignment consisted of a high mixture of kerosene and petrol.
“Since my car tank was running dry, I took fuel for a sum of RS 1000. But soon after the car engine began to stall and  was unable to move. I managed to take it to a garage where mechanics drained the tank and found a strong mixture of kerosene and petrol,” complained A P Marak of Araimile who’s Alto K10 had to be grounded for a week at the garage.
Interestingly, a group of officials led by a magistrate who heads the Legal Metrology Department inspected the very same petrol station in September and gave it a clean certificate despite continued complaints from customers.
Customers are unable to measure the quantity or it’s quality since the district administration prohibits the open sale of fuel in gallons
“They are taking advantage of the system,” alleged other affected consumers.
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