Surveillance cameras installed to check poaching in Meghalya WL sanctuary

NONGPOH: One of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya,  Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary located in Ri Bhoi district goes hi-tech with the Wildlife Department installing powerful surveillance cameras inside the reserve forest.

These cameras were installed as part of the research study conducted by the department on the wild animals especially those who are on the verge of extinction or endangered. Another aims of installing these powerful surveillance cameras inside the prohibited reserved forest is to detect illegal poachers.

It may be noted, the reserved forest which is home to various species of endangered animals, spreads over an area of 29 square kilometers and is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the state.

Speaking to The Shillong Times, the Range Forest Officer of Nongpoh Wildlife Range, Mr P Doonai said that installing of powerful surveillance cameras in various locations of the reserved forest is the first step taken by the State Government to conduct a research on the details of the wild animals as well as to detect illegal poachers.

“Installing of these cameras will helped us a lot in detecting illegal poachers who entered the forest  with the aim of hunting wild and endangered animals despite heavy patrolling by the wildlife guards” Doonai said adding that with the help of these surveillance cameras, the department had also arrested one of the most wanted poacher involved in killing endangered wild animals inside the Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary.

However, the Wildlife Department had also strictly warned the general public not to enter the Wildlife Sanctuary and not to hunt for wild animals.  If anyone found violating the order, the department will take its stringent action against such people.


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