A tale of star-crossed lovers

Her world was in descending gloom,
No flowers in her world did bloom;
Her fellow-beings had destroyed
Everything beautiful…
You see they were not ‘useful’…
Trees, bees, birds and animals,
And now the planet lay barren…
He landed from the outer world,
In a revolving loom
In rotating colours,
Like a rainbow unfolding
In the sky so clear.
His world was full of valleys lush green,
Where birds did preen,
And animals lived happily….
With mountains and streams,
Rivers and oceans deep.
Roses he brought made her smile,
Rains made her dance in joy…
This was an earthly pleasure,
But raindrops set his body on fire.
He serenaded her near the stars,
And showered her with flowers
He had brought with him from his planet.
Her life sparkled like sunrays on an evening river,
His was illuminated by her smiles.
He made meteors fly,
And wrote love poems across the moon
With puffs of clouds.
And after a shower of blessing,
No, it wasn’t a fling!
Along came a witch,
Who spun a potion of lust,
Which into his mouth she thrust;
Oh, the vamp kissed his eyes full of true love,
For his one and only.
It was a sad fate,
To turn back for her it was too late.
Now her wings had already grown,
To a fairy she had gone to get them.
A bitter potion she did drink,
Ready to fly to her dreams, to his planet…
So he could finally call her his own.
But he was gone,
Tricked into another’s arms;
Lust had won,
Finally over love.
And alas, the witch, scheming and plotting,
Trapped him in a glass coffin
To be buried alive,
Before he could strive
To know what had happened.
She sold him to the ones in white robes,
To be put under the knife,
All for the sake of science
And greater ‘humanity’.
By the river his love waited,
And wept for her lost love;
And looked at her wings and wondered,
If there are no hopes, no dreams,
What are wings for?
To remind me of times happy?
Or to mock at my misery?
But before Death could make him hers,
And plunge his beloved’s world into everlasting darkness,
She walked through fire,
And rescued him from the madmen,
Those so called intellectuals.
She broke every barrier,
She was braver than any warrior.
Alas he was free,
And all the demons vanquished.
But his saviour was to be nowhere found,
But the contours of earth are bound.
Wasn’t someone made somewhere
For one and all?
His beloved, poor soul, was heart-broken,
It was his fall, before her eyes,
She who loved him more than life and her dear earth.
But her faith had been shaken,
From this darkness she wouldn’t waken.
The decision was made,
On the horizon she did fade;
And he couldn’t find her,
Although the ends of earth
And oceans he did wade…
She was lost forever.
Stumbling here and there,
He found her at last,
She was more than his past,
Love doesn’t disappear so fast…
She jumped into the sunrays
And burnt in the fire of doom.
It was her last wish,
Granted from the outer world.
He turned insane,
How could love wane?
It was only the beginning,
Where could she go?
And he lived back on earth,
With a bag of ‘life supply’ attached to his being,
Hoping to find her someday…
As suddenly as he had first met her one day,
Back in the place which was once theirs,
And where they played hide and seek
And laughed and cried
In happiness incomparable…

Farnaaz Islam

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