Visitors charmed by Tura’s beauty

TURA: The cleanliness of the streets and the decorated murals on walls and flower gardens all around has by far been the most talked about topic for the last several days not just amongst the citizens of Tura but even on social media.

The efforts put in by both citizens and the district administration to go the extra mile to spruce up the town has been lauded by many a visiting tourist and delegate for the Soba.

“Young boys and girls of Tura came out to showcase their creative skills using old tyres, bottles and other discarded items to make the city beautiful, all for the Glory of God. My sincere thanks and gratitude to the youth,” said Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma while addressing the gathering at the Soba on Sunday.

Joining the rest of the devotees, many of whom had walked for miles to attend the church service, the chief minister and his wife also left behind their cavalcade and walked with the crowd to the venue at the Dikki Bandi Stadium (now renamed as P A Sangma stadium).

The national president of Far East Broadcasting Associate (FEBA) and main speaker at the ABDK Soba, Rev. Dr. Christian Abraham Benjamin, also did not fail to speak about the beauty of Tura and its greenery.

“I enjoyed every moment of the drive into Garo Hills. To see Tura well decorated, not just homes but even the streets was beautiful. My request to the people is to continue with the beauty and decorations even after the Soba because it shows the transformation in one’s heart,” appealed Dr Benjamin.

Delegates and guests from abroad, such as Dr. Mujon Chung of the United States, Dr. Vernette Myent Myint from Myanmar, Ms.  Tuanta Suteerawong from Thailand were among the many who attended the religious festival and witnessed the efforts put in by the citizens to beautify their town.

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