Road connectivity is the need of the hour. Rural problems like health facility and energy need to be addressed. Education and experienced teachers are the need of the hour… The only candidate I prefer is NOTA

Herman Lyngdoh | Self-employed

Unemployment is the
biggest problem and
youths after completing their graduation are
finding it tough to earn a sustained livelihood

Emanuel G Momin | first-time voter






People in Meghalaya are mostly
dependent on government jobs. There are very less private firms. Plus, the system of government recruitment in Meghalaya is very poor. People cross the age limit waiting for jobs. It is
getting harder for lower grade jobs.
Degree certificates are of no value… You can see a Class XII pass and a Master degree competing for the same post. A peon in central/state
government jobs getting more paid than an engineer on contractual basis. The government only talks but has not done anything about the rise in immigration from neighbouring countries. The government only focuses on urban
issues… and ignores rural issues even if rural problems are highlighted. One can never understand the problems
faced by rural people. lt is easy to make a study and jump into conclusion but understanding the problems faced by the rural people is not a cup of tea.

Cilma Nongbak | professional

I am really excited to vote. But I am concerned about politicians not keeping promises. I want the elected leaders to fulfil their promises made during campaigning

Nafisa Khan | first-time voter







To win people’s mandate, candidates make emotional speeches on pertinent issues. That’s their main motive to attract voters. Every election, candidates come up with different promises…
As I am working in Bangalore,
coming home is a hassle. We need a full-fledged airport so that coming home will not be so tiresome. I hope people make the right choice. We have good candidates but I don’t know the agenda of each one. For rural people, election is “go vote” and their job is done.
Awareness programmes, campaigns should be highlighted more so that they also make the right choice

Cynthia Nongkynrih | professional

I am concerned about the present education system and I feel
improvements can be made for a better
system. Also, it is
high time that sex
education be given importance as well

arvind kumar | student





This is the time when voters can
show their real power and people should select the best person who can lead the country

suraj joshi | student

Additional quotes compiled by
Heather Cecilia Phanwar

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