Police blame heavy shower, not oil spillage for mishap near Umiam

SHILLONG:  The police department has dismissed allegations of oil spillage along the National Highway in Ri-Bhoi District asserting that heavy showers create a difficult situation for drivers who are not accustomed to driving in such weather condition.

The police were referring to an incident on April 14, that occurred at around 3 pm wherein a vehicle bearing registration number of Assam while was passing through Lad Sharai, Umiam, skidded off the National Highway. The driver of the vehicle Abdul Hannan informed an officer of Umiam PS about the mishap.

A statement from the police department said that the same was verified by personnel of Umiam PS, who on inspecting the place of occurrence found a sedan vehicle partially damaged and the occupants of the vehicle sustaining mild injuries, the injured travelers were immediately sent for medical treatment at NEPA, Umsaw.

The police stated that the allegation as made by Hannan regarding involvement of a section of residents of the area to intentionally spill lubricants on the highway would be examined in an in-depth inquiry into the matter. However, the police maintained that prima facie the facts were diminutive to substantiate the allegation.

A preliminary enquiry was instantly initiated by Ri-Bhoi Police into the accident attributing the accident to torrential downpour which adds to the predicament of drivers especially those who are not acquainted with the weather condition of the area.

According to the police, patches of vehicle lubricants which were alleged to be the reason of the mishap could not be described due to the heavy downpour on the fateful day.

The police statement further stated that the area is prone to accidents as the highway makes a sharp curve turning towards the east.

The police stated that conflict arising out the difference in the medium of communication was sorted out when the owner insisted on towing his vehicle by government vehicles which was not available at that juncture.

Hannan made a Facebook post alleging some people had offered to tow his vehicle back on the road for a hefty amount of money, after his vehicle had skidded on to a ditch near Umiam on April 4 last. This has raised fresh concerns.

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