Tanushree Dutta discredits #MenToo movement

Bollywood actor Tanushree Dutta who triggered the #MeToo movement challenging sexual harassment against Nana Patekar and became its torchbearer says she was surprised to hear about the #MenToo movement, which she claims can further endanger women and child victims.
In a statement, the 35-year-old urged people to give deep thought before rendering their “ungirdled support” to the initiative, which “some vested interests” are attempting to launch.
The actor believes that altering and empowering the patriarchal society will create a hurdle in future for women who will be afraid to raise their voices against any wrong done to them.
The #Mentoo movement came into limelight when television actor Karan Oberoi was charged with rape and extortion and several stars came out in support of the actor. Actor and columnist Pooja Bedi, who is one of those defending Karan, came up with the initiative of #MenToo movement. (ANI)

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